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Panel Speakers


“Worldbuilding for collaborative storytelling in learning experience design”

Atmosphere, tension and Love is in the air

Screenplays by Elvira de la Mora: Melodrama in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema


Conversing with knowledge in screenwriting practice research: How do PhD theses speak about the

Dialoguing with our masters: developing a script following what calls

Medium or ventriloquist? Navigating the (ethical) tensions between fact and fiction when writing dialogue for a modern biopic

The university as an ecosystem for creating digital storytelling: the case of the Books on screen project

The analog and digital places as story triggers

 Prioritising performance: Conversations with actors to shape diverse narratives

Beyond my screenwriting self – A more-than-human exploration of the screenplay text

Writing about the Economic Crisis: The Greek Film Scripts of the Period 2009-2015

The art of pitching, in screenwriting and beyond

Representations of Suicide: A Conversation Beyond the Script

INFILTRATING FILM BUSINESS WITH BOTHO & UBUNTU: Intercontinental & Intercultural Collaboration Between Africa & Europe – A Successful Model in Practice & Theory

The worldbuilding mindset in Industrial Design: Shaping the designer’s

A cinematographic Babel: variations of language in a same screenplay

“Disney remakes itself. The retelling process from Sleeping Beauty to Maleficent”

From storyboard to script: Disney Animation Studios and the evolution of development


What do James Bond and Donald Trump have in common? LIWC analysis of characters’ speech patterns in popular films

Lawrence Kasdan on Storytelling: Excerpts and observations from an interview with Hollywood’s most successful screenwriter

Talking to You: the use of direct address in virtual reality and immersive narrative scripts

From The Real of Fortune to Devil Between the Legs: The Importance of Colloquialism in Paz Alicia Garciadiego’s Writing Process

‘Scripting’ Virtual reality: Expanding writing practices to account for the centrality of the VR user.

Towards a Living Fiction: Between Real-Time Composition and Working with Fragments in Leonardo Mouramateus’ Screenwriting Practices – ‘There is a Film I Carry with Me’

Building creative capacity, resilience and connections: using social media plaforms to promote narrative innovation, adaptability, inclusion and diversity in the undergraduate screenwriting classroom

Selznick, Bergman and the abandoned A Doll’s House

Screenwriting beyond authorship: the poetics of disappropriation in the works of Helí Ramírez and Víctor Gaviria

“Future of filmmaking: designing storyworlds to provoke awareness through world building”

Gaspar Noé’s Vortex (2021): Transgressing the Screenplay

In Dialogue with the Dead: The Snow Society by J.A. Bayona

Dialogue as action: two examples from Romantic Comedies

Posthuman Creative Collaboration: Exploring Screenwriting and Screen story development with Generative A.I.

Narrative interviews as a creative research method in screenwriting

Critical fabulation and unfilmed scripts: a decolonial bias

Notes on Writing a Screenplay for a Film Essay: A Brazilian Experience

“A Course of Non-Conformity”: Carole Eastman, Screenwriting Historiography and the New Hollywood

Exploring the Relationship Between Screenwriting Processes and Film Distribution in The South African Audio-Visual Industry

The screenwriter as auteur. Nora Ephron´s Heartbreak

When the Director Rewrites the Script: The Case of the Brazilian Feature Film ‘Perdida’

In the Beginning Was the Word Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Jesus. The Italian Path of a Screenplay

The screenplay as a place for collaboration: Chytilová, Krumbachová and Kučera in Daisies

Designing Possible Worlds – World building methods and future scenarios

Song & Screenplay

Writing For Actors, Acting For Writers

Autistic Representation on Television: Who is putting words in our mouths?

Visual Concept Development as a Form of Scripting

Zombie Comedy and Cross – Cultural Narratives in One Cut of the Dead (Ueda, 2017) and Final Cut (Hazanavicius, 2022)

Interactivity and Anti-drama: Conscious and unconscious narrative strategies in the story development process for The Limits of Consent

Exploring & extending character-development via a entangling of production phases

Tone and the Screenplay


“Going outside is to look inside” Can sensory methods to connect to a specific space influence the narrative of a screenwriter and film-maker to shift perspectives away from the traditional human centered narrative?


The Role of the Multiple Plot Structure in the History of (Czech) Silent and Early Sound Popular Cinema?

Copyright, Credits, and Conditions of Writing: Mediating Authorship from Screenwriters’ Perspective in the Czech Silent Cinema

Whiria te Tāngata: Weaving the people together in the writing and production of Kāinga (Aotearoa New Zealand, 2022)

A Net of Invisible Things : The ‘unseen’ scripting practices of internationally acclaimed VR creative Lynette Wallworth in Collisions and Awavena

The robot and us: an early account of the AI revolution in Screenwriting

What is it really about – The Core of the Screen Idea

Spatializing the Screenplay: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love VR

Extra muros: Theory from the Periphery

Beachcombing for Stories: finding inspiration, inner dialogue, and creativity beside the sea

Scripting Virtue – Building better character(s) on and off screen

Did I or AI Write This? An Exploration of the Screenwriter’s Sense of Authorship in Human-AI Collaboration

Extending Conversations about the Script: The Discursive Construction of Screenwriting in Film Reviewing

The Script and Beyond: Application of Bakhtin’s Theories of Chronotope and Author and Protagonist in Artistic Activity for Analysis of Autobiographical Screenplays

Sketching Feedback. The role of sketching and mark making as a tool within screenplay development

Cinema Novo versus Beatlemania: Discovering the use of sound and music in two unfilmed and unpublished Brazilian screenplays from the mid-1960s

Forms of scripts in Czech animation

Collaborative conversations in filmmaking: a comparative look between the films Alive (1993) and Society of the Snow (2024)

Storytelling through Interaction Hybrid narrative strategies of Slovak social film dramas and documentaries

The symbol as a form of dialogue in the psychological thriller genre

No Alarms & No Surprises: A Modern History of the One-Act Feature Film

Transmedia Storytelling: A Micro-Level Case Study in Poetics

What is the doxa of Irish screenwriting?: A case study of screenwriting in Ireland

Writing for The Sound Collector A Screenwriter’s Perspective on Children’s Animation

Instant Screwball: How Director Gregory La Cava Went Beyond the Script Inside the Hollywood Studio System

Cinematic Chronicles: FEMglocal’s journey in recovering Portuguese feminist memory

Barbie and the real world: Feminist conversations on and off screen

How series can be in dialogue with sustainability

‘Lying Truly’ in Autofiction Screenwriting: Conversations with Memory

In dialogue with the nonhuman animal: a case for critical anthropomorphism

A psycho-narratological model of characters’ Wants and Needs

Adapting voices: transforming dialogues from Outlander novel to TV series

How backstory and direct address reformulate the Shakespearean character on television: The case of the missing psychological motivation for House of Cards’ Frank Underwood

“Hey, AI! Can you write that?” The measure of (artificial) intelligence in a changing world for screenwriting

Henrik Ibsen´s madness – and mine

La Santa (Saint) of Orson Welles: Conversations between Mexican Melodrama and the Parodic Reflexive Tradition

In Dialogue with Reality: Redrafting the Short Screenplay to the Demands of Film Production

Screenwriting Manuals and Social Change: Perspectives from the Soviet Union in the 1920s

Expanding the scene: the work of atmosphere in the scripts of “Boi Neon”, “Madalena” and “Temporada”.

Writing Cinematic Sound: hearing the soundscape in the screenplay

When Words Matter

Fascinating Rhythm: Rhythm in screenplays of the early sound era

Multimedia theatre Laterna magika as an alternative text form and writing process

African Lusophone cinemas from the postclassical narratology perspective

The Narrativization of Historical Trauma: The Alexander L. Kielland Accident in Lykkeland (2018-) and Makta (2023-2024)

30 years of Eco-Dialogue: How writing for kids’ environmentalist cartoon TV series has changed from Captain Planet (1990-1996) to MeteoHeroes (2020-…)

Conversations beyond script… and behind the camera with Jean Cocteau

Born-Doubrava-Macourek: The case study of Czechoslovakian animation screenwriting practice during 1970s and 1980s

The nature of narration in cinematic virtual reality filmmaking

From Nicole to Catherine to Julia: The Female Protagonists in Nicole Holofcener’s Films

From Anita to Amy: Women Write the Repartee we Remember

Penning memorable dialogues as a strategy for asserting authorship- Case study of the screenwriting practice of Anu Singh Choudhary on the webseries Aarya

Come Together: A Symbiosis of Culture, Dialogue, and Creativity in a Script-writing Practice as Research Case Study

From Barbara to Barbara: Exploring the dialogue of cross-cultural adaptation through adaptation practice