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KDFS: Host Department

Palacký University, located in Olomouc, has a deep history dating back to 1573. Since the beginning of 1990s, one of its significant components is the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, which specializes in the research and teaching of theater, film and radio and television studies. Our department is firmly rooted in the rich cultural tradition of Olomouc and provides students with the opportunity to explore the artistic world as both researchers and practitioners.
The combination of Palacký University and the Department of Theatre and Film Studies creates an environment where new artists, scholars and creators who have a deep understanding of artistic heritage and contemporary trends develop.

Our department actively organizes theater and film performances, conferences, workshops and other cultural events that bring enrichment not only to students but also to the entire Olomouc community. The most important of these are Academia Film Olomouc`s festival of documentary films with scientific bent, or the PAF curatorial platform.